Image credit and thanks: Michael Held

World Bee Mark©


The World Bee Mark© defends bee health and biodiversity.


We are developing the World Bee Mark© certification with OpenSc. The eco-label will drive responsible production and consumption of honeys with supply chain traceability and transparency technologies. It will be awarded to industry & business applicants that adopt transparent practices to improve bee and pollinator health and human wellbeing.

Certification standards are not just about tracking digital data but about supply chain traceability and practices and processes that ensure sustainable honey harvesting and effective labelling to remove honey fraud.


We seek to add to whatever certification schemes may currently exist.


To begin with the World Bee Mark© will be a tiered certification that can be awarded to applicants from any industry or business that successfully adopts practices that improve bee and pollinator health, biodiversity and human wellbeing.


Our food, our health, our planet, our future, all depend on healthy pollinators.