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The World Bee Project is doing all it can to protect bee and environment health by using science and AI.


Our World Hive Network is creating a true ‘hive mind’ by linking bee acoustics to data-crunching  analytical software and data science to help address pollinator and biodiversity decline, food insecurity and climate change.

In the chart below, we have overlaid the acoustic spectrum data with the bee flight data: the background spectrum data is colour coded by volume, with green as the quietest through to red being the loudest. The y-axis shows the frequency from 0 to 500Hz. The dark green line shows the bee flights. n the chart above we have 5 days data, with data every 15 minutes so that’s 480 wav files, each of which has about 30 seconds of sound data. Each file ends up as about 1,000 numeric data records after they have been processed and loaded into an Autonomous Database. So, the acoustic data above represents about 500k acoustic records.


All subscription donations go to help fund The World Bee Projects bee and pollinator welfare and beekeeper sustainable livelihood development initiatives.