Photo Credit: Ingo Arndt

“Bees lie at the heart of the relationships that bind the natural and human worlds and in safeguarding bees lies the means to safeguard life itself.”

Sabiha Malik

Bees not only pollinate over 75% of the nutritious food we eat but they can also do maths, navigate mazes, recognise faces, and detect bombs more accurately than sniffer dogs.

Thank you for Protecting our Bees and Pollinators

We have launched the world’s first WORLD BEE COMMUNITY with our partner BBN. We are implementing programmes enabling  women living in hardship conditions  to create long-term  sustainable livelihoods as beekeepers. We are also building the world’s first global bee health data platform using Artificial Intelligence. We cannot do this alone, please support us!


The World Bee Project Protects Pollinators, People, and the Planet

We focus on the interconnections between bees and people in the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).