Over 75% of all the food we eat depends on pollination.
Bees not only pollinate most of our food, but they can also do maths, navigate mazes, recognise faces and detect bombs more accurately than sniffer dogs.
With projects including supporting women beekeepers in India, rooftop honey farms in Israel, strawberry growers in the UK, pollution monitoring in Malta, as well as the creation of a world bee health platform using machine learning and AI, The World Bee Project aims to protect pollinators, people and the planet.

Please do whatever you can to protect our environment
and our beautiful bee population

Thank you for supporting these important causes and saving our planet



Photo credits with thanks to Olesya Blinskaya, Peter Justinger, Muhammad Yasir, Martin Vysoudil, Ivan Nedelchev, Aaron Burden, Paul Bonnar,
Jim Gade, Anne Nygard, Wolfgang Hasselmann, Igor Talanov, Sandy Millar, Johannes Giez.