Audio data from a hive in the World Hive Network

World Hive Network©

“The World Hive Network© enables researchers to analyse a huge library of global bee data using the latest cloud technologies, including massive compute power, machine learning and artificial intelligence”
Andy Clark
Director Business Innovation, Oracle

Thanks to our alliance with BeeHero, The World Hive Network© now has 2.5 billion bees and 50,000 intelligent hives in its network!

For the global community we offer a ground-breaking solution, the world’s first global bee health data platform that can also connect people to the global movement to protect pollinators. The World Hive Network© is the first and the most ambitious effort ever undertaken to track the health of the global honey bee and eventually wild bee populations.

We are building a system that will connect the world’s beehives to a single global network. As well as directly safeguarding bees it will harness the power of bee derived intelligence for solutions to wider issues of biodiversity, climate change, food security and human wellbeing.

The World Hive Network© is literally a global network of beehives using intelligent in-hive sensors to collect real time data on bee and environmental health. The bee acoustic and biodiversity data is combined with weather, pollution and geospatial information to provide a global view of bee and environmental health for scientific study. The data it generates enables better understanding of bee health at the global level, but also provides a very detailed understanding of what is happening at the local level, so that farmers and beekeepers can improve the health of their bees, enhance their crop and honey yields, regardless of farm size or location.

The only way to get a better understanding of the health of the world’s bee population in varying environments is through the evidence data provides.

Using insights from the data, we can activate sustainably innovative local solutions for improving farmer and beekeeper likelihoods. In urban regeneration programmes we can use the technology to track honeybee health and nectar flows to help identify how ecosystems are faring and which restoration actions are required.


The World Bee Project partners with BeeHero for advanced monitoring sensor technology.

Sophisticated sensor technology helping commercial farms can now be made available to smallholder farmers.


“The World Hive Network© can play a significant role in enabling all stakeholders, scientists, governments, and corporates such as banks and insurance companies to better mitigate the threats to food security, smallholder farmer and beekeeper livelihoods and to create predictive models to ameliorate potential future stresses”.
Sabiha Malik


Our Tech for Good Solutions© are outcomes of insights we gain from our World Hive Network©.
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Sabiha Malik, Executive President, The World Bee Project CIC
and Andy Clark, Director, Business Innovation Oracle
at a conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, where they presented
the work of The World Bee Project.

“Long-term international or national monitoring of both pollinators and pollination is urgently required to provide information on status and trends for most species and most parts of the world.”
The 2016 assessment report on Pollinators, Pollination, and Food Production, Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) at the United Nations.