Volume Group appointed Innovation Partner of The World Bee Project

The opportunity to be an Innovation Partner of The World Bee Project CIC (WBP) is an exciting addition to the company’s ESG commitments.

The World Bee Project has been selected by Atlas of the Future

The World Bee Project has been selected by Atlas of the Future as one of the "25 projects that can save the world”: READ MORE HERE >

The European Bee Award 2022 winners are ‘Veitshöchheimer Hempmix’ and ‘IT Beekeeping by AmoHive’

In an award ceremony hosted by MEP Franc Bogovič at the European Parliament in Brussels, the IX edition of the European Bee Award rewarded a wildflower mixture for biogas production and a beehive monitoring system. Brussels 7th December 2022 – The European Bee Award...

Helping support The World Bee Project – CAKE launches their new “Flower Power Limited Edition”

CAKE, the multi-award-winning Swedish maker of premium lightweight, zero emission electric motorcycles, has launched the Flower Power Limited Edition to support global bee & pollinator populations and raise awareness. CAKE’s Flower Power Limited Edition models are...

Tomorrow Transformed

A recent video featured on the CNN ‘Tomorrow Transformed’ series featured The World Bee Project AI-driven work addressing pollinator health and the agri-food sector worldwide.

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The World Bee Project is using Artificial Intelligence and computing technology to understand the local challenges facing bees across the world.

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The World Bee Project CIC collaborates with pollinator monitoring kingpin BeeHero to increase AI monitored hives in its World Hive Network to 50,000 and help smallholder farmers to pollinate and prosper.

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The World Bee Project launched the World Bee Count 2020 on 20 May with the aim of amplifying the importance of pollinators through social media sharing. People everywhere were invited to take a picture of the nearest pollinator they could find and upload it to an interactive Global Pollinator Map, using a free mobile World Bee Count app.

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World Bee Day: How to collect big data (on tiny creatures)

The World Bee Project and Oracle are working together to study the secret life of bees—and that means a network of hive sensors, AI, and some serious cloud-computing clout. As a child, Sabiha Rumani Malik would listen to the bees. She recalls hearing them buzzing...

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Saving the Bees with Big Data Analytics and AI

“If bees die out, humans have only four years to live.” This statement has been widely quoted and is often attributed to Albert Einstein, although there seems to be no evidence that he actually said it.

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Oracle Blockchain Verifies Real Honey

At the recent Oracle OpenWorld Dubai show, Oracle showed a demonstration of how natural Honey can be verified by blockchain. You may wonder, well, why would anyone need Honey verified by blockchain? You may be surprised to learn that Honey is one of the most...

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How Oracle and The World Bee Project are Using AI to Save Bees

Oracle recently announced a partnership with the World Bee Project to leverage cloud technologies to better understand the decline in bee populations globally and devise innovative strategies to help farmers manage bee and pollinator habitats. I sat down with Andy...

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Tel Aviv’s Busy Data Bees Join Global Hivemind

A smart beehive on the roof of a central Tel Aviv shopping mall is part of a global pilot designed to help save the honey bee. The hive, fitted with sensors that continuously monitor temperature and moisture levels and record sound in and around the hive, is operated...

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Can listening to bees help save them – and us?

Can artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning help save the world's bees? That's the hope of scientists who are scrambling to reverse the dramatic declines in bee populations. Bees are in trouble, but we're not quite sure why. It could be the overuse of...

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Bees and other insects that pollinate flowers are being driven toward extinction, according to the World Bee Project (WBP), so the global community launched a new initiative in partnership with Oracle using analytics to help slow the decline. At the "Nature of Data"...

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World Bee Project launched in the UK

A global beehive monitoring network has been launched using big data analytics and cloud technology to produce the first ever global picture of the state of the world’s bee population. The World Bee Project Hive Network will eventually analyse huge amounts of data...

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Can connecting beehives to the cloud save pollinators?

Behind an office building at Oracle’s U.K. headquarters in Reading, two beehives are connected to the company’s cloud. One sensor on each hive captures the sound of buzzing; one captures humidity. Another measures the weight of the honey. In total, five or six sensors...

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