Image credit and thanks: Bermondsey Street Bees

World Bee City©

“If we get it right for insects, we get it right for everything else.”
Professor Dave Goulson, The Wildlife Trusts


Rapid urbanisation is a relentless force driving change on a planetary scale. By 2050, the UN projects that 68% of humanity will live in urban areas, which are, for the most part, biodiversity wastelands. Unless we can change the way our cities are designed, urban sprawl will consume the ecosystems on which life itself depends.

When bees thrive, we survive.

Using sophisticated remote monitoring of bees and their local environments, we collect and analyse real-time bee and environmental data as a way of measuring the wellbeing of a city and finding sustainable solutions to the problems all its inhabitants face.

World Bee City© is a global initiative placing bees and wild pollinators at the heart of urban landscapes.

With a focus on climate change adaptation policies, we seek to collaborate with forward-thinking communities and municipalities around the world to develop urban regeneration plans, programmes and projects that place pollinators at the heart of cities.

Cities are complex ecosystems that can be nurtured back to health.