Restoring Beekeeping & Pollination, Ukraine

The World Bee Project CIC and the Polish-Ukrainian technology company Amohive have joined forces to offer beekeepers in Ukraine direct long-term support in rebuilding their apiaries and livelihoods.

After Amohive has completed the UNDP and Polish Challenge Fund-sponsored IT Apiary this summer, The World Bee Project and Amohive, with the financial support of donors, plan to create several World Bee IT Apiaries in other regions of Ukraine.

Our partner Amohive is an international team of electronic engineers, computer scientists, programmers, and business analysts, based in Ukraine and Poland. Amohive is the winner of the European Bee Award 2022 in the category “Best Innovative and Technological Solution”, and creator of AmoHive smart hives patented in Ukraine, and the winner of the UNDP and Polish Challenge Fund award for creating the first IT apiary in Ukraine.

Ukraine is a world leader in traditional beekeeping and the agricultural market, but there is no honeybee pollination system in Ukraine, although the need for it has emerged since the Russian invasion.


Post-war Ukraine will be a challenge for more reasons than one.

Our partnership is committed to doing its best to address all beekeeping and pollination-related challenges.

We aim to create a  qualitative leap in beekeeping and pollination systems and help lead a new profession of beekeeping:  Smart World IT-Beekeepers using IT-based management methodologies.



to our 2023 pilot in Ukraine

To help sponsor our first post-war World Bee IT Apiary in Ukraine, write to



The European Bee Award was announced on 06 December 2022 at a ceremony in the European Parliament, Brussels.  Igor Kurdin, CEO of Amohive, is fourth from the right. Dr Mike Garratt, President of the jury, is on the far left.

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