Curridabat, Costa Rica NEWS

November 30, 2018

The World Bee Project and the multiple award-winning city of Curridabat, Costa Rica, have agreed to partner to launch Curridabat as the Founding World Bee City and to collaborate to develop pollinator-friendly innovation in league with cities around the world.

The partnership with The World Bee Project was unanimously voted for by the City Council of Curridabat.

Under its pioneering former Mayor, Edgar Mora Altamirano, Curridabat demonstrated that urban planning can be harnessed to benefit both humans and wildlife. Now it is set to become the world’s Founding World Bee City.

The same technology that will power Curridabat’s transformation into a Founding World Bee City© will also become an important node in the global system, connecting its citizens, pollinators and humans alike, to the global movement to protect pollinators.

Curridabat will be connected to the World Hive Network, the world’s only global bee database. Powered by Oracle Cloud and sophisticated AI tools, the World Hive Network gives researchers easy access to an ever-updating, comprehensive, global network of monitored hives. The data and insights gained from monitoring bees in Curridabat will be shared with the city and with research and conservation groups in Costa Rica.


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The World Bee Project is using Artificial Intelligence and computing technology to understand the local challenges facing bees across the world.