Image credit: Projecte Equilibri

Projecte Equilibri, Mallorca, Spain

The World Bee Project partner, Projecte Equilibri is a rare example of a farm which has been ecologically managed for 5 generations. It has 110 hectares under cultivation (almond, carob, olive), 65 hectares of natural forest and a magnificent apiary that deserves to be designated a protected area for education and research to benefit the island of Mallorca.

The World Bee Project and Projecte Equilibri  are  researching how combining  bee health and  environmental  data and analytics from the World Hive Network© with  ecologically intensified  farming can translate into a  model of best practice land management in Mallorca.

Our goal is to create a model in which producers contribute to a more sustainable food system by taking responsibility for creating a fairer, healthier, and more productive relationship with the ecosystem that supports a working farm.

As members of the World Hive Network© Projecte Equilibri contribute  real-time data to the World Hive Network, making a significant contribution to the scientific study of bees and their environments  in Mallorca.

To improve management of the Earth’s natural resources for a more sustainable future the World Hive Network© harnesses the power of bee-derived intelligence for solutions to wider issues of biodiversity, climate change, food security and human wellbeing.


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