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The World Bee Project vision is to deliver state of the art knowledge directly to the hundreds of millions of smallholder farmers around the world to enhance the contribution of pollinators to food security, farmer livelihoods and national economies.


Over 75% of the nutritious food we eat depends on pollination, but pollinators are declining at an alarming rate, around 30% per year. This is threatening our food supply (an annual $600 billion worth of agricultural activity) and 1.4 billion agriculture-dependent livelihoods.

The goal of World Bee Education is to start making it financially attractive to smallholder farmers to adopt sustainable farmer-friendly practices such as planting for pollinator density and diversity as well as for indigenous crop diversity and stability.

Agricultural biodiversity ensures vital ecosystem services, such as pollinating plants, creating and maintaining healthy soils, controlling pests and providing habitat for wildlife that are vital to food production and agricultural livelihoods.


AI based Precision Apiculture is an innovative solution

The World Hive Network AI-based fresh insights are integrated into the Precision Apiculture (Sustainable Beekeeping) education and research opportunities we offer in agricultural and commercial beekeeping landscapes.

Precision Apiculture can enhance the health and effectiveness of managed honeybees in farmed landscapes. The monitoring technologies we use ensure hyper-efficient pollination that can increase crop yields by 30% on average for crops including almonds, berries, soybean, gourds, sunflowers, apples, canola, and cotton. For beekeepers, whether commercial or hobbyist, the value of Precision Apiculture lies in improved bee and hive health management and better honey yields.

We work with governments, universities and businesses, communities, and relevant stakeholders round the world and ensure that each of our Precision Apiculture projects is scientifically validated and beneficial to local communities.