The World Bee Project together with its partners, the University of Reading and Oracle Cloud is blending computing technology with world leading bee research to safeguard global pollinator pollinations. 

The World Bee Project Hive Network is an international network of remotely monitored honey bee hives which links data from sensors in its network of hives to the Oracle Cloud’s flagship Oracle Autonomous Database and leverages the Oracle Analytics Cloud for machine learning modelling and data visualisations, and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for computing and data storage and processing. The Oracle Cloud provides a scalable, secure, global, honey bee health monitoring system.

The Oracle Cloud  enables The World Bee Project global teams, including leading research institutes such as our partner the University of Reading, to build a scientific evidence base by analysing the data from the in The World Bee Project Hive Network sensors, understand insights efficiently and reliably, and link new relevant insights to actual honey bee health across varying global regions.

Once validated the results can be shared with initiatives worldwide, with pollinator and pollination researchers and scientists and also with the wider research and knowledge-policy communities working on the links between nature and people, such as natural, social and engineering scientists, policy-makers at different levels, and decision makers in different sectors of society.

The World Bee Project Hive Network aims to provide a low cost, high performance, central source of global honey bee data, which gives everybody, from policy makers and governments, to researchers at universities through to children at schools, the same opportunity to find solutions by performing new and innovative experiments, regardless of their background or budget.

We aim to increase collaboration among national and international organizations, academic and research bodies and networks to monitor, research and assess pollinators and pollination services.