The World Bee Project Hive Network is a global network of remotely monitored honey bee hives linked to the Oracle Cloud Platform to generate unprecedented new data about honey bee health and its relationship with weather patterns, forage, diseases, parasites, predator species and pesticides in varying regions around the world.

The World Bee Project Hive Network system has the capacity to obtain huge amounts of data, but in order to create meaningful correlations, it is essential that proper and precise assessments of conditions inside colonies are available, a task that must be delegated to highly trained and experienced individuals. The scope is beyond that of normal beekeepers.”
— Professor Simon Potts, global advisor on pollination to the European Union, Convention on Biological Diversity and United Nations

As long-term international or national monitoring of both pollinators and pollination is urgently required we and our UK partner the University of Reading and our global partners and associates, are building a scientific evidence base by creating intensive field programmes over multiple years with sensor-enabled sentinel hives to capture sensor data, which can be benchmarked against expert beekeeper knowledge through the direct assessment of various health parameters of the sentinel hives (e.g. pathogens, brood size etc.). 

The World Bee Project Hive Network is deploying commercially available hive monitoring sensors that have the capability of collecting among other inputs, audio, video, temperature, humidity and surrounding weather. Through our data collation from our global network of hives and upload to Oracle Cloud, AI/machine learning can analyse and  elucidate relationships between sensor data and bee health states and thus efficiently and reliably generate new insights into honey bee health and its relationship with  hive conditions, varying regional environments, and the pollination services bees provide to agriculture.

We aim to deliver the new data and insights directly to the hundreds of millions of smallholder farmers around the world to enhance the contribution of pollinators to food security, livelihoods and national economies .

Our partnership with Oracle is founded on our hope that technology companies  can become exemplars of ‘Technology for Good’ and  help save the planet whilst also benefitting from the rare opportunity we offer them to showcase the entire breadth of their platforms  with an innovation story which captures the hearts and minds of  their customers.

We have created a unique opportunity that paves the way for innovations that can change how the world grows food and manages land.

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