Well Street Community, Hackney, London, UK


The World Bee Project can create similar initiatives in collaboration with London-based community groups, social enterprises, resident or trader associations, Business Improvement Districts, Town Teams, School, Neighbourhood Forums, local charity or other local organisations representing a diverse community. 

Partnering with the Well Street Residents and Traders Association (WESTRA), community members and local authorities, The World Bee Project contributes to Hackney's rich heritage and adds tangible value by stimulating the local economy with rooftop high-priority species pollinator habitats, and vegetable gardens, offering training in urban food growing, apiculture, business development skills, and transforming Well Street into a series of nectar and pollen havens for honeybees and diverse populations of pollinators, such as wild bees, butterflies and moths.

Serving the Hackney community for more than 150 years, the Well Street market is determined to thrive again. The small rooftop farms we establish in collaboration with the community will provide fresh produce for use in the kitchens of the local establishments, and provide the owners with honey to sell in the Well Street market. To raise awareness of pollinators’ need for food and homes we will engage children in outdoor programmes where they learn to plant flowers and vegetables and design nesting walls and shelters for pollinators. Overall, we will raise awareness and increasing understanding about pollinators and the social, economic, environmental and cultural benefits which they provide.

We see the Well Street Community as part of the solution to pollinator decline. The rooftop habitats will have apiaries with remote hive-monitoring systems to improve evidence on the status of pollinators and the service they provide, bring new understanding of bee health and maintenance and contribute to urgently needed best practice guidelines for honeybee management. The data from the monitored apiaries in the Well Street community will be used by UK scientists to evaluate the dynamics of honeybee populations, helping us all to better understand the beneficial changes we can make to our environment and beekeeping practices to improve honeybee welfare. 

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