The World Bee Project’s WorldBeeCity ©


An accreditation scheme for developing sustainable urban habitats for pollinators

Urban habitats make up more than 9% of UK land area and public green spaces, allotments and gardens within such urban areas can provide vital habitats for pollinators, including for some rarer species. 


WorldBeeCity© is an ‘Urban Pollinators Evaluation and Certification Scheme’ addresses a number of key National Pollinator Strategy Priority Actions and is aimed at engaging and supporting local authorities, developers and housing associations to promote sustainable urban habitats for pollinators, benefiting urban food production, wellbeing, conservation and local economies. 

WorldBeeCity© is a voluntary scheme local authority can sign up to complementing and enhancing any existing initiatives underway. The scheme sets out positive steps that can be taken towards developing sustainable urban habitat for pollinators and further provides recognition for their efforts with the achievement of WorldBeeCity© status.

The scheme works with existing Urban Biodiversity Action Plans, to promote cooperation and engagement between local authorities, charities, NGOs and the private sector and by providing an overarching scheme, maximise positive impacts on pollinators and pollination in urban environments and   provides a focal point and tool for similar initiatives aimed at urban green development including Local Nature

Developing sustainable urban habitats for pollinators will help promote urban food production, public wellbeing, conservation and local economies.  Given the importance of urban habitats for pollinators and the widespread benefits they can provide, the WorldBeeCity© Scheme will assist and support the UK Government’s National Pollinator Strategy deliver a number of key priority actions.