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A global, open, standardised database for the farmers and beekeepers of our world safeguarding our global biodiversity.

The World Bee Project Global Hive Network © aims to become global bio-sensor network of beehives, beekeepers and beekeeping farmers which aims to provide a data infrastructure that enables every farmer and beekeeper and every beehive to contribute to a global, open, standardised database that allows scientists, policymakers and the public to see a world bee health dashboard and real-time data about the state of our pollinators and global biodiversity.

We are using software, sensors, and blockchain technology to compile and share the world’s climate, geographic and pollinator data through a harmonised The World Bee Project Global Data Platform ©

Join us in creating a world community ready to improve pollinator decline, food insecurity, biodiversity decline and reduce climate challenges to enhance the contribution of pollinators to food security, farmer livelihoods and national economies. 

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We aim to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals Zero Poverty, Zero Hunger, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Climate Action, as well as Life on Land.