Research Opportunities


Human wellbeing and sustainable development

Too much remains unknown.

We are committed to conservation based on rigorous scientific evidence. 

We aim to bring research disciplines together to help build demand for best practice habitat restoration and conservation, to inspire conservation activities, and to reduce the rate of global biodiversity loss.

We promote research projects that help increase the quality and quantity of species monitoring and recording schemes; identification of factors that have put certain plants at risk, such as invasive species, emerging pests and diseases, loss of habitat and climate change, and the impact of land use management on pollinators and plants.

In order to prioritise regions for pollination restoration and conservation, we encourage research in areas where pollination is most critical to agricultural production and human nutrition.

In 2017 we offer PhD. and MPhil. students opportunities for researching pollinator, food and environment related themes in our UK and India sites in 2017.

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