Our Team

Our partnership with the University of Reading ensures world class multidisciplinary expertise and capacity, which includes expertise in ecology, sustainable agriculture, social science and development studies as well as practical experience and capacity for extension, education and policy development. This is evidenced through high impact publications (Science, Nature, PNAS, Ecology Letters) and a record of research impact in ODA countries (Kenya, Congo, Malaysia). The University of Reading is a world leader in crop pollination research and has a long history of training in this area.

Our partnership has extensive experience in working with local governments and the public sector, recognized ability in project development and established authority in social innovation.


Sabiha Rumani Malik

Founder and EXECUTIVE President

Sabiha is founder and head of The World Bee Project CIC. Sabiha perceives the Earth as one system of interconnected elements with all social and economic systems embedded in nature’s system. 

Sabiha is the founder of the UK charity Sanghata Global, and designer of its uniquely innovative, award-winning Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) entrepreneurship education program serving in 30 different countries. Sanghata Global is a founding partner of Village  Capital.

At its inception in 2007, Sabiha was an associate founder of Singularity University, NASA Ames, California. Before that, she was a senior director at Foster and Partners, advising on strategy and creating design concepts that include the re-design of the Reichstag, Berlin, and the pink-granite clad extension to the Joslyn Museum, Omaha Nebraska. In 2001 Sabiha designed jewellery collections for De Beers-LVMH, and founded ‘Diamonds for Humanity’, lauded by the then UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Africa, Dr Ibrahim Gambari. She is an associate founder of the Lifeboat Foundation. A transpersonal psychotherapist, she has worked with women and children in inner-city London areas.

Professor Simon G Potts


Professor Simon Potts is a world leading scientist studying pollination and other ecosystem services in support of global food security. He is Professor of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Science in the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development at the University of Reading, ranked No. 1 in the UK and 10th worldwide. His research focuses on understanding the relationship between land use, biodiversity and ecosystem services, with particular emphasis on pollination and pest regulation, and developing evidence-based adaptation and mitigation options for policy and management applications.

Professor Simon Potts is Director of the Centre for Agri-Environmental Research (CAER), and Deputy Director, Centre for Food Security. He coordinates a number of international projects including the EU FP7 project and the Status and Trends of European Pollinators. He is co-chair of Global Pollination Assessment at IPBES, the leading intergovernmental world body for assessing the state of the planet’s biodiversity, its ecosystems and the essential services they provide to society.

His UK Advisory Roles include: Defra: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; POST: UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology; HouseNCUB: National Centre for Universities.

His international roles include: Co-Chair: IPBES Global Pollinator Assessment; Deputy Director Coordinator Status and Trends of European Pollinators; Adviser SUPER-B; Management Committee IUCN; Adviser European Commission, DG Environment (ENV), DG Research and Innovation (RTD), DG Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI), and DG Health and Consumers (SANCO); Adviser EFSA; Adviser European Parliament ; Adviser EEA; Adviser  FAO; Adviser NAS; Adviser NSF; Adviser IPI; Adviser EPI Head of interim steering committee; Adviser  CANPOLIN; Adviser API; Adviser ASPIRE.

Amaryllis Knight


Amaryllis is the co-founder of Sanghata Global, a U.K. public charity that focuses on reducing poverty worldwide through entrepreneurship and enterprise development.  In 2014 she co-founded the World Bee Project CIC. Amaryllis has created brand strategies and user experiences for multinational companies, including Pirelli. She has experienced entrepreneurial success in the technology, media, lifestyle, and impact spaces, having co-founded Falcon Motorcycles, and numerous award winning restaurants.

John Abel

Project director, The world bee project hive network

John is the Vice President of Innovation and Cloud for UK, Ireland and Israel. He has been in the IT industry for 27 years and during this time he has led the Engagement on the most challenging programmes across the UK (and globally). 

John's role in the last few years has changed to look after all Solution Architects, Solution Engineers and Innovation and defines the technology strategy. As part of this role, John works closely with development to feed into the global strategy. With the wider remit of innovation John is very active in emerging technology like IOT, AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain. John brings together emerging technology and heritage solutions together to gain wisdom for customers. 

John is very passionate about giving back to the industry through his experience. John is driving technology diversity within his own team and focuses on Neurodiversity in IT specially. John blends before career (schools/Internship), early in career (Graduates) and experienced in career to have a wide set of capability. 

Dr. Michael Garratt


Dr Mike Garratt is an expert in ecological intensification and sustainable crop production. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development (SAPD), University of Reading. His research interests include insect pollination ecology and crop production, effects of agricultural systems on pests and natural enemies, trophic influences of soil fertility in agricultural systems, and cereal aphid ecology.

Mike is interested in managing biodiversity in agricultural systems for improved sustainable food production and reduced environmental degradation. Mike has worked on a number of UK and European projects trying to understand and manage crop pollination and pest control services for the benefit of growers and the wider community. Currently Mike is working on the LIBERATION Project, the Defra National Pollinator and Pollination Service Monitoring Framework, and he is a working group coordinator for the Super-B project and the Convenor of the Royal Entomological Society Pollination Special Interest Group. 

Mike has authored an extensive number of publications.


George Clouston


George has 30 years’ experience of commercialising new products and technologies gained across a variety of industry sectors, including 10 years as a Commercial Director and Managing Director of a successful technology transfer company.

George has worked with Arnia since 2012, as a key member of the team that developed and commercialised a state of the art remote hive monitoring system. The technology is now used to monitor bees in more than 25 countries and George has been involved in the specification, set up and management of hive monitoring projects with leading bee research institutes and beekeepers worldwide. This includes data interpretation and publication of articles about bee health and behaviour. George is also an enthusiastic hobby beekeeper.

Godfrey Bevan CBE


Godfrey has over 45 years experience in the public sector, as a consultant to governments and industry, in business in the electricity supply industry, and as an academic.

He has served as a member or chair of numerous national and international committees on energy, environment and climate change including for the UK and Irish Governments, the World Bank, the European Commission and the International Energy Agency. He has advised ministers on policy and managed numerous government R&D, industrial development and marketing programmes primarily in the sustainable energy field. During this period, he worked as Technical Director of the Energy Efficiency Office and Energy Technology Director of the former UK Government Departments of Energy, and Trade and Industry. He also spent a period as an academic at the former Cranfield Institute, lecturing on technology, environment and economic assessment to MSc, MBA and short course students and managing a research programme. He maintains his interest through membership of the advisory board of a social enterprise company in the renewable energy sector and as an adjunct professor at the Hult International Business School.

Ethan liu


Upon graduation from Oxford University in 2004, Ethan began his career with the tax department of Deloitte LLP, London.

Ethan and his London based firm, Flanton & Co, offer the World Bee Project pro bono services including accountancy, governance, and board administration. He specializes in UK tax compliance and international and personal tax planning, investment and fund management taxation, trusts and corporate structuring, particularly cross border. In addition to his specialist interests, Ethan maintains a wider general practice encompassing other forms of corporate and personal tax consultancy.