Dr. Keith Richards OBE


Keith has more than 30 years’ experience of addressing global sustainability issues, working mostly on energy and related climate change aspects.

Dr. Richards has managed research, demonstration and replication projects and programs for several UK Government departments, The European Commission and the International Energy Agency (IEA). He has also led a US/ UK Bilateral agreement in the area of Bioenergy. He has long championed community initiatives and established a regional renewable energy agency (TV Energy Ltd) in 2001 to promote more local, sustainable energy actions. This Not for Profit Company works in partnership with local Government, industry and academia on behalf of local people in the Thames Valley and SE of England. Keith was awarded an OBE in recognition of services to sustainable development in the Queen’s birthday honours list in 2005.


Professor Dave Goulson


Dave is Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex and founder of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. He is one of the foremost scientists researching the effects of neonicotinoids on bee populations. His 2012 study on this subject helped pave the way for the EU moratorium on neonics. Dave studies the ecology, behaviour and conservation of bumblebees. He is also interested in pollinators and pollination more generally, and particularly in the sustainable management of pollinators in agro-ecosystems. Dave’s Goulson Lab studies Bumblebee Ecology and Conservation and uses a broad range of approaches, from genetic studies (of inbreeding, population structure, and as a means of estimating nest density) to behavioural assays to large-scale field trials. In recent years Goulson Lab has become heavily involved in studies of the impacts of pesticides on bumblebees, and have also been involved in various “Citizen Science” projects as a mechanism to involve large numbers of people in conservation and in science more generally, and also as a means for gathering large data sets.

He has written a popular science book about bumblebees, A Sting in the Tale, and its sequel, A Buzz in the Meadow.


Dr. SVS Raju


Professor Raju is head of Entomology at Banaras Hindu University. Dr. Raju is also All India Coordinator for the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). ICAR, an autonomous organization, coordinates and guides the 100 institutes and 71 agricultural universities in India that constitute one of the largest national agricultural systems in the world. The ICAR has played a pioneering role in ushering ‘Green Revolution’ and subsequent developments in agriculture in India through its research and technology development, and has made a visible impact on the national food and nutritional security. It has also played a major role in promoting excellence in higher education in agriculture, and is engaged in cutting-edge areas of science and technology development. Its scientists are internationally acknowledged in their fields.


Dr. Dhananjay Wakhle


Dr. Wakhle has 37 years research experience in apiculture, and the production and processing of quality honey and bee products at the Central Bee Research and Training Institute (CBRTI), Pune, India. 

He has conducted many National Bee Board (NBB), Govt. of India sponsored projects. He is Chief Scientist of the Vidya Pratishthan School of Biotechnology’s Centre of Excellence in Apicultural Biotechnology (VSBT), Baramati, Pune, India, and Life Member, National Bee Board, Government of India, New Delhi.

Previously, he was National Consultant for Beekeeping and Marketing of Honey to the FAO – Food and Agriculture Organisation at the United Nations; Expert Member of Apiary Industry Sectional Committee, Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi and AGMARK Standards for Honey, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, New Delhi.


Dr. Victoria Wickens


Victoria Wickens is a research ecologist, specialising in entomology, at the University of Reading in the Centre for Agri-Environmental Research. She is interested in understanding and managing beneficial insects in agroecosystems, particularly pollinators and predators of crop pests. Victoria has worked on a number of projects (e.g. EU project Status and Trends of European Pollinators, STEP) which have advanced pollinator and pest control research for the benefit of farmers and the wider community. She is currently contributing towards IPBES, the intergovernmental body which assesses the state of biodiversity and of the ecosystem services for decision makers. Victoria has a growing list of academic publications (see detailed profile). She is also passionate about enhancing and building public support for scientific advancements through a wide range of outreach and public engagement activities (e.g. BBC2 Horizon ‘What’s killing our bees?’ and EuroNews ‘The Plight of the Pollinators’).


Dr. Jennifer Wickens


Jennifer Wickens is a Postdoc at the University of Reading in the Centre for Agri-Environmental Research. She is interested in the conservation and management of pollination and natural pest control ecosystem services in agroecosystems. As a member of the EU STEP (Status and Trends of European Pollinators) project, Jennifer has established and maintained a large scale network of farms and protected areas in the UK. She has been involved in the IPBES (Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) pollinator assessment publications. She is currently examining the impact of research beyond project completion and also has a role in supporting outreach and public engagement events. Jennifer has co-authored publications in high impact journals, including Nature and Ecology Letters.


Stanley Johnson


Stanley Johnson has been awarded the Greenpeace Prize for Outstanding Services to the Environment. He is an Ambassador for the UN Convention on Migratory Species, and a trustee of the Gorilla Organization, the Earthwatch Institute and Plantlife International. He has had 10 books published. 

He is a former Conservative member of the European Parliament where he served as Vice Chairman of the Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Public Health and Consumer Protection. At the European Commission he was Head of the Prevention of Pollution division and Senior Adviser to DG Environment and as Director of Energy Policy. He also served on the staff of the World Bank and the International Planned Parenthood Federation


Jeremy Langmead


Jeremy is director of mrporter.com, the global online menswear retailer. Previously he has worked as chief content officer of Christie’s; editor-in- chief of British Esquire and Wallpaper magazines, and he was features editor of the London Evening Standard and founding editor of the Sunday Times Style magazine. His expertise is content, marketing, e-commerce and customer engagement.